Token Distribution

All the LSC Tokens are pre-mined; hence the LetStudy token is not minable. The main distribution of the LetStudy token will be made during the official project launch at LSC Launchpad ICO. Before the Launchpad, during the first 3 phases of the project. A small part of tokens equal to…

We make projects go viral as we build strong communities to support promising and exciting #crypto projects.

LetStudy plans to onboard 10,000 experts and 500.000 students for both LetLearn and LetTutor in Q1 2022.

2020 Q4

  • Establishment of the LetStudy idea
  • Settlement of LetStudy team
  • Common ecosystem infrastructure plan created
  • Main site…

Let Study weekly update:

  • Notification for next class
  • Add API for query the schedule of a specific date
  • Increase the rate for Native teacher

Let Study weekly update:

  • Design Booking flow + UI (mobile app) on Let Tutor
  • Design balance tracking and referral tracking on Let Tutor
  • Added “Change password” feature on Let Tutor
  • Set up recording function for tutoring section on Let Tutor

Let Study weekly update:

  • Fix several bugs on the Ipad version
  • Adjust the time duration of each class
  • Fix login bug of the Uppercase email address
  • Automatically switch to the Vietnamese language for users who come from the Vietnamese landing page

Let Study weekly update:

  • Set up & deploy Vietnam landing page, Vietnamese language
  • Set up teacher schedule
  • Set up more NFT for Let learn
  • Force verify phone number before booking a lesson
  • Add chatbox for let tutor VN

This week, our Letstudy team were trying hard to complete some significant features:

  • Add the required update information of users before booking a session
  • Deploy Voice OTP to authenticate user mobile on register
  • Add Search and Filter Courses function
  • In process of Designing the Landing Page for LetTutor Kids
  • Support to login with Apple ID

This week, our Letstudy team were trying hard to complete some significant features:

  • New features for Lettutor: Lecturer or tutor note for Lettutor:
  • Design new UX for Lettutor
  • Email notification for transaction
  • Design Pricing view for Lettutor landing page
  • Adding withdraw balance features on the sale platform web app.

This week, our Letstudy team were trying hard to complete some significant features:

  • Update home page for LetTutor web app
  • Create and Deploy the landing page for LetTutor. Now you can visit Let tutor here:
  • Support lock balance and available balance on the Sale Platform. So, if you join into Letstudy ICO, your funds are displayed in Lock balance, and if you join into our Mini games, your funds will be in Available Balance.
  • Landing page version 2.0

This week is extremely awesome week! We will have mini games to increase your LSC token while Letstudy team try hard to complete our technical tasks:

- Migrate Lettutor to new database instance.

- Update logo for Lettutor, Letlearn.

- Fix bug “Tutoring session’s duration is incorrect” at Lettutor.

- Support new icon for Letstudy app.

- Release new tutorial video for purchasing token.

Our first products — Let Tutor will launch on some next days! Let’s keep in touch and fgive us your feedbacks to develop our Letstudy community stronger!!!


The LetStudy platform is a blockchain-based decentralized education service platform. LetStudy is created an ecosystem on blockchain to improve education area.

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